Monday, September 28, 2009


No articulating tonight. Just lists.

Things I am feeling sad about:

1) Being an idiot in the past.
2) Feeling like I have to put my heart inside a jar for a bit to keep it from hurting.
3) How cruel people can be towards each other.

Things I am feeling happy about:

1) Not being an idiot in the present (or future, let's hope).
2) Having a wonderful reason for my heart to hurt a bit.
3) Sun salutations, long walks, smells that evoke.
4) Butterscotch cookies.

Things that make my thinkerbox hurt:

1) Math.
2) The lack of scotch in butterscotch.
3) Buying toilet paper.

Self-exploration: a rather unapproachable dish for those souls with a prepared palate. Must be served with a hearty side of feelings. Top liberally with confusion, serve lukewarm with uncertainty. Nibble with caution.


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